StudyFCPS Launches Exclusive Webinar Series to Help Exam Preparation; The Scope of Foreign Medical Memberships to Be Discussed

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  • BY Mariya P J - 11th May 2023

StudyFCPS Launches Exclusive Webinar Series to Help Exam Preparation; The Scope of Foreign Medical Memberships to Be Discussed

StudyMEDIC is proud to launch a new webinar series aimed at helping FCPS and all medical aspirants in their journey towards success. The webinar series led by experts, offers valuable insights and guidance to help students ace their exam preparation.

Along with a bunch of FCPS exam oriented webinars, various career guidance sessions are also planned. These sessions will help the students understand the global scope of various internationally-renowned medical memberships and fellowships such as MRCPI, EFOG-EBCOG, MRCOG and more.

Industry experts will share their knowledge and expertise. The webinar will also provide valuable insights into the exam structure, format, and content along with tips and tricks for aspirants to crack the exams easily. Dr Tazeen -StudyMEDIC Pakistan Director, renowned mentors like Dr Rashida, Dr Mohammed Hassan Shabbir, Dr Aisha Arif will take sessions on Carcinoma & Breast, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, etc.

This webinar series will remain as an excellent opportunity for aspiring FCPS and medical graduates to learn and achieve success in a global perspective.


The session on ‘Pelvic Organ Prolapse’ will be presented by Dr Rashida.
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Date & Time: 21– MAY – 2023, 21.00 HRS PST (14.30 HRS GMT)


FREE webinar on “Acid-Base Balance” for FCPS Part 1 Exam. Led by Dr Rehan
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Date & Time: 23– MAY – 2023, 21.00 HRS PST (14.30 HRS GMT)


This session will be presented by our Course Director Dr Tazeen, the topic on career guidance.
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Topic: Career Guidance
Date & time: 25 – MAY – 2023, 21.00 HRS PST (14.30 HRS GMT)
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The webinar session will be presented by Dr Aisha Arif.
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Topic: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Date & time:26- MAY-2023
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The session of career quest will be led by our StudyFCPS Course Director & StudyMEDIC Pakistan Director Dr Tazeen. This session will help you understand your strength, knowledge and career path.

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Topic: Career Quest

Date & Time: 28– MAY — 9PM PST
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Dr Mohammad Hassan Shabbr will lead the third session which will talk about Carcinoma & Breast.

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Topic: Carcinoma & Breast
Date & Time: 30 MAY 2023, 21.00 HRS IST (14.30 HRS GMT)
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Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! Sign up for StudyMEDIC’s FCPS and MRCPI webinar series today and take the first step towards achieving your dreams.

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