FCPS OBG Part 2 Viva -6 Weeks Crash Course

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Crash courses are extremely helpful when an exam is just around the corner. StudyFCPS offers Six Weeks Crash Course for FCPS OBG Part 2 VIVA. The Course, designed to help students do the revision of all important topics and key concepts that they have studied during exam preparation, helps FCPS OBG Part 2 VIVA aspirants to get through the exam with ease. With the help of our courses, students can complete their syllabus within the prescribed timeframe. StudyFCPS is known for its Excellence in Education and offers the best courses to help students prepare for exams.

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6 Weeks Course




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6 Weeks Course



Our Course Library Features

  • Exclusive course library with LMS integration
  • Access to summaries on all important topics structured module wise
  • Access to all exclusive podcasts on all important topics
  • Exclusive Question bank with 1000+ MCQ’s with explanations and references
  • Flashcards
  • Preparatory Videos – 30+ Hours
  • Unique features such as Free library, Flagging, Reporting, Notes, performance management and much more

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