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StudyFCPS conducts various courses for to help and support aspirants of IMM Medicine to prepare for the exam. Prepared and designed by an expert panel of mentors and course directors, our courses remain the best options for anyone who is preparing for the exam. Duration of our courses vary from two days to six months or more and students can choose depending on their requirements. With our IMM Medicine courses, students will be able to enjoy the world’s class mentoring and guidance by an eminent panel of mentors. In addition, they will be able to access a wide range of study materials like question banks, patient information leaflets, PIL summaries, image bank, preparatory videos and lots more at their fingertips using StudyMEDIC mobile app and LMS.


FCPS IMM Medicine - 6 Weeks Course

FCPS IMM Medicine – Intensive Course

  • Live online and interactive classes with full access to session recordings.
  • Delivered by an expert panel of FCPS mentors.
  • Covers all important points and essential topics of the exam.
  • Access to course materials and learning products with a single click.

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