FCPS OBG IMM – 3 Months Course

FCPS OBG IMM – 3 Months is the finest course plan for FCPS OBG IMM as this covers all the syllabus thoroughly. Our intense group activities along with live sessions from the best FCPS mentors makes your life easy. Experience the world of our study materials which no other can even dream of. Choosing us as your study pattern will enhance your passing rate by 90% which is why we are the No 1 trusted brand for FCPS Courses. Our Best and finest MRCOG mentors makes your life easier with smart learning objectives.

Course Features

Our Course Library Features

  • Extensive Course Library with LMS Integration
  • 1000+ MCQ’s for our students to practice with equally distributed questions covering all modules.
  • Specially designed easy to learn SUMMARIES based on the course curriculum.
  • Easy to learn Podcasts on all summaries. (Prepared by our mentors panel)
  • Recall Questions – Covering 500+ MCQ’s.
  • Preparatory Videos – 50+ Hours. Exam Oriented videos covering the critical and important learning aspect.
  • Session Recordings and Presentations

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