StudyFCPS Registers 92% of Success In FCPS 2 IMM & Written February 2023 Exams

Tue 02, 2023
Home StudyFCPS Registers 92% of Success In FCPS 2 IMM & Written February 2023 Exams

In a proud moment, StudyFCPS, a sister concern of StudyMEDIC, marked another milestone in its legacy of success. Over 92% of students cleared the FCPS and IMM Part 2 Written February 2023 Exams.

FCPS examination opens the door towards the journey of becoming proud fellows of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP). One can get through these exams only with tremendous hard work and strong determination.

The training and coaching sessions provided by the StudyFCPS team for the FCPS 2 Written and IMM are completely unique and different from other coaching centers, say the jubilant students post the exam results.

‘Those who determined to fly, having no wings is just a minor detail. StudyFCPS will give you the wings to fly. We thank you for having faith in us and trusting us from the beginning to the end. We know this achievement is the result of your sleepless nights. It’s your perseverance and dedication that finally paid off,’ says StudyFCPS Course Director Dr. Tazeen Ashraf.

Thank you so much Dr. Tazeen for your continuous support. I joined both One Month MCQ group and 7-day revision group. Both help me a lot in passing my exam, especially the revision group was so so so good. You make us prepare for exam on a new pattern and clear our concepts by advising us again and again. You help us to prevent every small mistake that we do in exam we can hear your voice during exam, read questions twice, there is no hurry, and stay focused. I just love the way of your teaching, said Dr. Maryium Ali post the exam results.

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