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Mon 06, 2024
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FCPS Part 1 eligibility criteria

The Fellowship of the College of Physicians and Surgeons (FCPS) is a defining achievement for medical professionals in Pakistan, enabling them to attain postgraduate qualifications and specialisation in various medical and surgical domains. This esteemed qualification is overseen by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP), the premier institution responsible for postgraduate medical education and training in the country. Established in 1962, CPSP has been at the forefront of promoting excellence in medical education and healthcare.

The FCPS program is designed to equip MBBS graduates with the in-depth knowledge and clinical skills required to excel in a chosen medical specialty. Successfully completing the program grants you the coveted FCPS qualification, significantly enhancing your career prospects and allowing you to practise as a certified specialist doctor in Pakistan.

Eligibility criteria for FCPS Part 1

FCPS Part 1 is the first step in the FCPS journey. Irrespective of the chosen specialty – whether it is obstetrics and gynaecology, surgery, medicine, or any other field – FCPS Part 1 is a common prerequisite. To be eligible to undertake this pivotal examination, candidates must fulfil specific requirements meticulously outlined by CPSP.

  • candidates must have completed their MBBS degree from a recognized medical college and hold a valid PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council) registration.
  • A month before the exam date, a one-year house job at an institution recognised by PMDC must also be finished.
  • Make sure you have both a provisional PMDC registration certificate and a genuine PMDC registration certificate or renewal voucher.

Career opportunities and advancement

Clearing the FCPS exam opens up numerous career opportunities. Many healthcare institutions in Pakistan prefer to hire FCPS-qualified doctors due to their expertise and specialisation. FCPS-qualified physicians are also eligible for higher academic and administrative positions, allowing them to influence healthcare policies. The FCPS qualification significantly impacts a doctor’s career trajectory, leading to professional growth and influential roles in the medical community.

The eligibility criteria for FCPS in Pakistan are rigorous and demanding, but the rewards are well worth the effort. FCPS Part 1 may seem challenging, but with the right preparation and resources, you can conquer it. StudyFCPS, a sister concern of StudyMEDIC, is here to empower your success. We offer comprehensive FCPS preparation courses designed by experienced faculty, providing a strong foundation in medical knowledge and clinical skills. Reach out to our team to explore the range of FCPS courses available.

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